I'm going to CMA Fest!!! Probably closely excited as you are!!!

Ahhh that’s awesome! Who are you most pumped to see??

And why anon? Don’t be shy! :)

Anybody going to CMA Fest this year?

I’m definitely going to be there for the festivities AND singing at Tootsie’s all 4 days! I would love to meet up with some people!!

Can I just say that I’m SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED!!!

So definitely let me know if you’re going! I wanna talk about country music with you!

Random “Outfit of the Day” vlog! Enjoy! :)

Covered “Marry Me” by Train so I hope y’all enjoy it! :)

My first music video! Hope y’all enjoy!! :)

Sorry about the long break from this page guys, I promise I’ll be updating it a lot more!

Check out this random video I put on my youtube account! :)

Love your music! Will you be coming to Australia to tour anytime??

Thank you SO much anon! I would love to come to Australia sometimes…maybe one day!

Guess who’ll be performing at the 2012 CMA Music Festival!


Yep, that’s right. An hour set at Tootsie’s for a couple days and signing autographs in their booth at the convention center.

Can I just say this…


Give thanks.

It’s been a crazy year and I have so much to be thankful for!

~The fact that I’m able to get up on stage and sing with all my heart. No fear.  No worries. Just me and the music.

~All the friends and fans that have congregated together just to help make my crazy dream come true. With out y’all I would be…nowhere.

~This talent and undeniable passion for music that God has gratefully bestowed upon me. I would be absolutely NOTHING without Him and I will forever sing praises in His name!

~Capitol Management and Robert Metzgar for listening to my demo CD and answering every single pestering e-mail. You took a chance on me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

~TMG Records, once again, taking a chance on me. So many doors are opening because of you’re help!

~Any place/person that’s let me get up and sing on their stage. YOU were the stepping stones I needed. I love y’all.

~My youtube/tumblr/facebook fans. There are over 800 of y’all! How crazy is that!?! People from all over actually care to listen to what I have to sing…and what I have to say! I’m SO glad you’ve decided to join me on this insane and magical ride!

~Megan. You were my rock of support. Even without knowing it you inspired me to always do my best. You gave me my voice long before I even knew I had it in me. I thank God every day that He gave me the honor to get to know you and call you my sister that I never had. I miss you May. <3

So I hope everybody has a splendid Thanksgiving. Remember to cherish the moments you have with those you love, because they could be taken away in a blink of an eye!

"CMT, GAC, we still ain’t seen ya on t.v…."

Well, tomorrow’s the big day…I’ll finally get to see the music video that we’ve all been working so hard on! I can’t lie, I’m really excited, but at the same time, I’m super nervous. That’s normal right? I mean, this just isn’t any music video. It’s the video that will debut my music into the country music indsutry. The one that industry icons will look at automatically judge and measure up if I really have what it takes to be part of such a vicious business. And there it is. That question that haunts my mind every time I start making decisions that might affect the whole outlook on my career. Do I really, honestly have what it takes? Sure, my Mom thinks so and so do a lot of my friends…but are they really being honest with me, or just supportive? I’ve been chasin’ after this crazy dream of mine for about 8 years now and I don’t even know what I would do if I was told that I didn’t have the “x factor” to survive in this industry. In 2 years I’m making the big move to Nashville to finally throw myself into my music, but I don’t want that move to be a big mistake…Will these doubts ever cease?